What Trouble Am I Currently Brewing? 😏

What Trouble Am I Currently Brewing? 😏

It's been a minute since this page got updated. It's been mostly due to the fact that I had been intensely preparing for the Project Management Institute Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) certification; which I ended up passed with flying colors - Above Target (AT) in all the five domains!

Book Reading:

Nothing at the moment - not for the lack of a waiting/reading/recommended list though! This dude just needs to take a break to map out a proper reading plan.


Just a lot of "well-aged" soul and funk tunes on YouTube Music. The one I'm listening to right now is titled 70's Modern Soul | Jazz-Funk | Philly | Soul-Jazz | Jazz Fusion. Highly recommended if that's your thing.

Health & Life

Your boy got vaccinated against the coronavirus yesterday. For me, it had to be the solo-shot Janssen Pharmaceuticals COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson - for a host of reasons.😉

I can say that I'm doing aiight, aside from the expected muscle pain in the arm.

Hobbies & Skills

I eventually unpacked my AKAI MPC One after I passed my certification exam and I've been learning its inner workings by watching a ton of YouTube videos and reading articles. I love this device. I'm contemplating doing a vlog of some sort while I learn to figure this thing out 🤔

  Now Credits:

Derek Sivers (CDBaby and HostBaby Founder) inspired, and continues to be a big influence on this "now" page. You can check up on what he's doing now.

Last revised on Wednesday April 7, 2021 from Springfield, Illinois USA.