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How to Really Make America Great Again

A personal perspective on the populist MAGA "Sales" Pitch

How to Really Make America Great Again

They yell Make America Great Again, I say Really! For who?*
"C'mon man, this is for everybody, even you!"
It's hard not to be amused at the high levels of delusion
I eventually found myself coming to this simple conclusion:
Y'all just got punked, you may fight it but you know it's true
But truth does hurt - doesn't it? It's that story nobody wants to listen to
How do you even measure "Great Again" - what's the metric to use?
The wide spectrum of the folks that you shoot, belittle, hate and abuse?
You were definitely told what you wanted to hear, your ego was massaged
Oh well, it's a shame you're just realizing it was all a facade
Wait, what? The ACA and Obamacare are the same thing?
Y'all didn't know? Wow! It's like folks have forgotten how to think!
Oh! But then I remembered,

Yep, Obama is the CEO at ISIS, the effin' antichrist;
The sheer embodiment of evil for 8 years - how could he ever be right?
And just like the devil, he's got a tail, fangs and two horns
Loved gays and muslims, tried to get our guns, wants America all torn!

Hey listen y'all, this is how we're gonna #DrainTheSwamp, it's real easy
We're gonna act real quick, and fill that thing up with loads of exotic species
Believe me, our first 30 days is definitely gonna be hugely
This is serious man, we're gonna make it our #1 duty

Listen, we're gonna bring back coal, and bring freshness to your black lungs
And see, Climate Change ain't real - it's just another liberal wack song.

Haha! Listen, America's already great, let that sink in..why even doubt it?
Most Americans are not, and every one of us has gotta do something about it!
I don't think the government is ever gonna feel your pain...
Why count on some politician to come help you unclog your own drain?
You must be delusional, totally insane in your membrane
Why not focus on becoming a better person? It does come with a lot of gain.
Better than yesterday - that's what I am today, all day, every single day
Word to my man P.N.J, it's up to you to Make Yourself Great Always!!!

...Only after then will America become GREAT AGAIN! Peace!