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An Ode to the Generations

To all the older folks who have something to say about "Those damn millennials"

An Ode to the Generations

I've often heard,

"Oh! those darn millennials are spoiled and ruining everything,
Always feeling entitled, hard to hold a decent job, forever wanna be renting
Man, in the good old days, we fought and worked hard for all we owned
*But these ones are too damn soft, too liberal, with mad student loans

I ain't mad at y'all because not so long ago, you guys were unapologetic hippies,
Didn't like Uncle Sam, wasn't your friend in the 70's, definitely not in the 60's.
Just a reminder: In case you forgot, you guys created a major paradigm shift,
The Woodstock generation with your attitude, drugs, sex and rock music.
A whooping 4 million born every so y'all were labelled Baby Boomers
Rebels with a cause: the social changes couldn't have come any sooner.
Y'all eventually grew up, got busy, had lots of babies and declared I'm done fighting!
The kids gotta eat and besides, the hippie lifestyle ain't really that exciting!

You know, I could be wrong but I'm thinking - maybe we're just like you
Outspoken like you, dress like you, live like you...and rebellious too!
Y'all had the TV, the transistor radio, we: hip hop, video games, Internet, iPad
Gilligan's Island, Brady Brunch, and Happy Days were more fun than we had!
But not to worry, we're maturing now...we have started having babies
Eventually become conservatives like you and be reborn in yet another generation... maybe!

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