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Butter 2.0

"Cause I got the crazy game and yo, I'm smooth like butter" - Phife Dawg

Butter 2.0

Well, it's March the Twenty Second, and that time of the year again
When a brother's day ends up with me having to share some of my pain
It breaks the heart of the man who just might be your biggest fan,
To finally come to terms with the fact that you ain't here again
Things have gotten mad crazier since you've been gone
Hard to listen to these new cats - the wackness still be going strong
There's a few good ones out but most are just Phony Rappers
Do not excite; Won't find me messing with them, it's a closed chapter

Thank you 4 Your Service was mad tight - now that's what we wanted, y'all
And oh, We Got It from Here debuted at Number 1 on the Billboard 200, y'all
It was hard for some folks to believe y'all didn't even get a Grammy nomination
Wasn't too surprised though, you know Kamal spoke his mind with no hesitation
It's like every year now, we keep losing our legends, it's a horrible fact
Prodigy passed, followed by Combat Jack and more recently Craig Mack
You know, we need to be paying mad attention to how we live and what we consume
Live right and stay healthy; to our minds and body we all really gotta stay in-tuned
Well, keep doing your thing, Diggy; to me you're always gonna be that shining star
Today, dedicated to your memory, I rapped along every verse of yours, bar-to-bar.

Rest Easy Malik "Phife Diggy Dawg" Izaak Taylor
(November 20, 1970 - March 22, 2016)

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