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The Wounds of My Evolution

Responding to a question I get asked all the time: "What's With You and Business?"

The Wounds of My Evolution

Born and raised upper-class but I think we were conditioned to live "middle"
"Why did your parents do it?", you may ask. Well, that still remains a big riddle
Typical College Trust Fund kids, even if you wanted a Ph.D, boy just ask
Never a free ride though, had to work for it, and prove you were up to the task
They probably didn't want us growing older with a chip on our shoulders
Shown the world outside our bubble, we quickly learned to respect elders:

You gotta learn to keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer
The same cats who "got your back" will be the first to pelt you with boulders
Face your studies, be the best you can be, sugbon, ma wo ago alaago s'ise
(But don't you ever judge yourself by other people's accomplishments!)

Mom focused full-time on the school business and quit her job as a teacher
Iron Lady, popularly called Headmistress, I think she was Black Margaret Thatcher
Growing up in such an environment, I always wanted to be my own boss
Mom and dad didn't say how tough it was, I guess they had their own flaws
But of course, they didn't have to, it was best that I developed my own method
I just did it, my record kept spinning, had no time to review or even check it
Off to college, Life Sciences...Hard-Knock Life by choice, mid to late-nineties
Friended both saints and shiesties, the right mix of comrades to survive crises
Very unlikely I'll be earning a living rocking medical coats and latex gloves
Software Engineering just happened to be the one thing that I really, really loved
So I launched full-steam; Nothing, not even the shitty NYSC could deter me
The fire just kept burning, I was fully determined, of success I was very certain
Wow! This here has become an autobiography, Methinks I'm gonna break it up
I may be penning a Part 2, so forget the notion that I may have made this up!

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