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Not American Enough

We are an immigrant nation - Blase J. Cupich.

Not American Enough

Has an accent and a weird combination of the alphabets for a sur-; pardon me, last name
Don't know why the heck he calls it a football match instead of a soccer game
He says it's "Queen's English", I don't know about you but that sounds kinda lame
Meeeh...I'm not sure he's American enough!

I've heard the dude call it Secondary School instead of High School;
And that he refers to Elementary as "Primary School", College is "Uni" too
Neither understands Halloween nor the obsession with monsters and ghouls
Are you even sure he's American enough?

Nigerian-born: he probably sings two national anthems and salutes two flags
Quite averse to credit purchasing, prefers Cash N' Carry like M.B. Skaggs
Did you know he has to travel a million miles just to visit his mom and dad?
How can you say this cat is American enough?

Someone said he's been half-way around the world but not to all our 50 states
Says we're consumption-obsessed; of all the things we buy, most go to waste
If only even 20% of us were open-minded, there wouldn't be this much hate
Errrrr.....Could he be American enough?

Well, I see he got his pimp stroll though, and the IRS says he pays his taxes
Can tell the real from the BS, and see right through the smiles that are plastic
Says the American Dream becomes a Nightmare when we act backwards
Hmmmn...I'm beginning to think maybe he's American enough

He believes you've got to keep focused, and you've got to stay consistent
Remember, not long ago, a brown kid dreamt big and became the US President
You'll face obstacles but to achieve your dreams, you better stay persistent
Hell Yeah! There's no doubt that this dude is more than American enough

These are the subtle battles that every immigrant faces every time for days
When his authenticity is questioned behind his back, and sometimes to his face
We all became Americanahs when we emigrated and made this country our home
May have been born and raised elsewhere but we are as American as they come.