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Be That Giant

You can become whatever you so decide to be.

Be That Giant

Location: Mayflower Senior School, Ikenne, Ogun State. Nigeria
Timeline: 1990 - 1995 in the year of the Lord

In Secondary School (otherwise known as High School in America), we were taught and encouraged to dream big and go get whatever we wanted, as long as it was legal, fair and just. The philosophy was one of gusto, determination, self-reliance, and results: it was a way to encourage us to take purposeful action because well, we reap what we sow!

The early 90's were my formative years as a teen and to say the least, birthed my character of being that dude who will always come up with ideas and who 8 out of 10 times wouldn't take NO for an answer! I have always taken inspiration from how Hip Hop became a culture because it was a way of life created out of nothing but by fearless persistence and creativity all along the way. First, the art of figuring out and creating music with beat-break sections of popular records; secondly, the mindset one had to have to write poetry, recite them and impart your message to a usually-critical crowd; thirdly, the solid shape you had to be in to dance non-stop while showing off your gymnastic, acrobatic and sometimes contortionist skills; and lastly the creativity and extraordinary ability to use color to design provocative public works of art - all while braving harsh weather and risking your own life. All these remain a massive influence in my life.

I've had my fair share of victories and challenges in my life as an entrepreneur and business owner, especially since I relocated to the United States. They have ranged from having people cheer me on and offer to help; to having others dismiss my services, say nasty things about my home country and my funny Australian-like accent...Australian?! Just like any other human, the negative comments would usually leave me all upset and discouraged but the positives, along with some very valuable relationships I have built always give me enough fuel to step my game up.

For people who know me, I happen to be one of those chronic optimists (people who tend to see the good in every bad situation) and I've realized that one thing which keeps a brother going is the vision to help people solve real estate problems - whether they're homeowners looking to sell a problem property in order to move on with their lives or working-class households who'd like to have their own homes but cannot due to credit issues.

I know it sounds cheeky to say that I always try to "musicfy" whatever I might be going through in life. One song that continues to give me the push and the inspiration to snap out of my "whiny" mood is this great song we sang over at least 500 times in High School titled WE SHALL BE GIANTS written by late great Dr. Tai Solarin, founder Mayflower School. Permit me to share the lyrics with you, and maybe this will motivate someone who's thought of giving up.

We can become whatever we choose to be
No kings, lords, no knaves can say us nay
For we believe that man is a potential doctor
Or lawyer or crook or dwarf or giant
Whichever he sets his mind to be
We shall be giants
And therefore
We shall work!
And work!
And work!!
And work!!!
Even if we must
Work our fingers to the bone
So may it be!*