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Her Royal Hotness

Dedicated To My Heart - The One & Only KFO

Her Royal Hotness
Verse 1:

I'm kind of feeling brand new like The Stylistics
Dressed up fresh and clean, I've got to handle some business
Homeboy's like "Wooo! Suited up? Serious, ain't it?"
Dude, you better beat it before I get back in a minute!
Key in the ignition, 0 - 60, then I'm cruising...
CD playing joints from D'Angelo and my main man Musiq
"Aimewitue" - I love the track so I'm gonna use it
In my own words so I won't try to sound stupid...
Right on 7.30, I'm knocking on her door
"Is that @mycrafone?" Yeah Baby Girl it's me for sure.
She opened up, and all I had to do was hug
And I'm telling her "you're looking like 250 million bucks!"
Now she's blushing; but word to God she was tight
She's flossing and glossing, I'm almost blinded by the light,
She radiates, man she's really got a brother shook
Like Mobb Deep, and I'm thinking - your boy is kinda hooked.

Verse 2:

Passenger seat, she slides in, clicked it and we move
What's your favorite restaurant? She said she likes Da Groove
Oh! It's Downtown, and only eleven miles away
It's cool and I'm telling her Girl, you done made my day!
How blessed I am you deciding to come along with me,
But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you belong to me!
I really do want you all the time though, 'cos I dig your company,
Get to know each other more with you being a friend to me
And who knows, if it works out then it was meant to be
Introduce you to mom and dad, and get to meet your family
I pray, I hope and I plan to see, you and me in love forever
These feelings I have for you, nothing would ever sever
I know it's a lot of work, a whole lot of pressure
But I'm by your side, baby, we're in this together
I agree we've gotta take it slow though, and let it flow in a slow mo'
I'm in this for life, rushing into it is definitely a No-No!

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